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  1. Madison
    Madison Mekrin Flipsi
    Sorry to hear about the passing of Naim Süleymanoğlu. Send my love to your family.
  2. Suedehead
    No bus, no boss, no rain, no train.
  3. Mugatu
    Giving The Veronicas a damehood for Untouched in my Birthday Honours List
  4. jivafox
    jivafox Mekrin Flipsi
    Calm down girl, maybe you need some hormones, for your body
  5. Madison
  6. Madison
    Madison Mekrin Flipsi
    You can buy custom-sized ones online.
  7. OutSynk
    OutSynk Mekrin Flipsi
    I sent you mine now send me yours.
  8. big ron
  9. big ron
    big ron Mekrin Flipsi
    I'll let you know in the week but I'm not sure its legal over there.
  10. Madison
    Madison Mekrin Flipsi
    No, it was Simon that represented Jesus. They killed him on the beach.
  11. big ron
    big ron Mekrin Flipsi
    Sorry I missed your call. I'll send them over now.
  12. OutSynk
    OutSynk Mekrin Flipsi
    So then he goes..."No matter what I do for you, it never seems to be enough!" Ewww! I can't believe he said that. You don't think I'm like that do you?
  13. Indie
  14. Mugatu
  15. jivafox
    No wonder why you cheated on your wife
  16. OutSynk
    OutSynk Cromlington Mannanafnalöggjafarsdóttir
    I want you to whisper your name into my ear.
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    2. Cromlington Mannanafnalöggjafarsdóttir
      Cromlington Mannanafnalöggjafarsdóttir
      Sexual harassment is abominationet
      Nov 11, 2017
  17. big ron
    big ron
    send nudes
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  18. Madison
    Madison Mekrin Flipsi
    No, different sixth forms. He wouldn’t have approved of a Catholic college.
  19. Phoenix
    Call me a bad server, because I always spill the tea!!
  20. jivafox
  21. Madison
    Madison Mekrin Flipsi
    He went to the same school. He still looks the same.
  22. big ron
    big ron
    Bungle upskirt
  23. Brian Mcculloch Glasgow
    Brian Mcculloch Glasgow
    Life's all about one big opportunity...
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    2. big ron
      big ron
      Totally agree Brian Mcculloch Glasgow
      Nov 7, 2017
  24. VoR
    Forever in our hearts #Justice4Barb
  25. Zu-Klara
    Zu-Klara Mekrin Flipsi
    I have already said thank you twice so there’s no need to turn unpleasant.
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  26. ameraal
  27. Madison
    Madison Mekrin Flipsi
    I know! Thank god she didn’t go to Pimlico.
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  28. big ron
    big ron Mekrin Flipsi
    Don't tell anyone, but Rachey is pregnant with twins.
  29. Penelope
    Penelope The Anti-Dubsden
    1. The Anti-Dubsden
      The Anti-Dubsden
      A preview?! We were there A LONG TIME AGO
      Nov 4, 2017
  30. OutSynk
    OutSynk Mekrin Flipsi
    I received the bottle today, took only one and I feel like a beast now!
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  31. Madison
    Madison Mekrin Flipsi
    I mean... yes, I guess so *technically*. But honey, I just can’t make it fit!
  32. Mugatu
    Absolutely astonished that Ultra Naté didn't win the Nobel Peace Prize for Free
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  33. David Elliott
  34. Zu-Klara
    Zu-Klara Mekrin Flipsi
    Really super to chat. Can’t wait to hear about the party xx
  35. big ron
    big ron Mekrin Flipsi
    Your goals are the road maps that guide you and show you what is possible for your life.
    1. OutSynk
      Your maps are the road to the goals that you guide and what you show for your life is possible.
      Nov 3, 2017
  36. OutSynk
    OutSynk Mekrin Flipsi
    PM me when you're back online
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  37. Madison
    Madison Mekrin Flipsi
    Hiya! You finally joined!
  38. Phoenix
    I couldn't live without my phone
  39. Zu-Klara
    Zu-Klara Mekrin Flipsi
    Show merkin pls
  40. Mugatu
    Mugatu Mekrin Flipsi
    Merkin Flipsi
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