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Shake your Djibouti, from Jinsy

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    1. Star

      What dumb ass parents, suing a CHARITY run by volunteers? Bet they wouldn't offer to donate their time, too busy stocking up that trust fund for their kid.
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      2. Star
        As Wendy said, I'm sure there's more to the story than they're letting on, especially about how 'bad' his behaviour was...
        Mar 28, 2018
      3. lolly
        How are the Scouts funded? Isn't that money effectively going to be paid by every child who is a member?
        Mar 28, 2018
      4. wendy the goat
        wendy the goat
        Yeah pretty much. Every youth member has to pay capitation to head office of about £35 every year (handled by their group).
        Mar 28, 2018
    2. wendy the goat
    3. wendy the goat
      wendy the goat
      Eggs are rape
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    4. wendy the goat
    5. wendy the goat
      wendy the goat
      1. big ron
        big ron
        Feb 22, 2017
    6. wendy the goat
      wendy the goat
      xxx~*...LIKE DIS IF U CRY EVRY TIME...~*xxx
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      2. big ron
        big ron
        she ded :(
        Jan 16, 2017
    7. wendy the goat
      wendy the goat
      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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    8. The Sexual Goose
      The Sexual Goose
      You have been visited by THE SEXUAL GOOSE.
      Honk 3 times and you will be blessed with good sex tonight.
    9. Tetris-Rock
      nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan
    10. RobotBoy
      Oh my god, level 2 of Jillian is a KILLER! I had to do the beginner versions of some of the exercises and still needed to take a couple of breathers. I honestly didn't think it was possible to get so much done in 20 minutes!
    11. Star
      Ah :D We went SOuthend yesterday and thought it was a sandy beach but ti's not! We were trying to work out a sandy beach close to us!
    12. Star
      Quick question! Is Margate a sandy beach??
    13. Samuel
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      Make sure you are around for your chance to win BIG prizes!
    14. Star
      Hello, and thank you for reading this post. You see, there is a starving little boy in Baklaliviatatlaglooshen who has no arms, no legs, no parents, and no goats. This little boy's life could be saved, because for every time you pass this on, a pin will be stuck into a Lulu voodoo doll causing the young boy much happiness.

      Please help and pass this on to 3 other Moopy posters. Lets see how far we can get this to go!
    15. TurnerPrize
      Thank you for your understandings and kindness. You may like to know for the future that the Oscars are the Christmas of the Discerning Gays.

      Wendy The Goat Most Popular Admin 2010
    16. TurnerPrize
      Hello Wendy The Goat, i hope you are well. I have a correction for you. It is actually "Rubbish and/or Creepy Old Gays' Christmas".

      Please do not tar us all with the same brush, you big homophibic.

    17. Lunar Foetus
      Lunar Foetus
      hurray! what are sisters for? x
    18. Lunar Foetus
      Lunar Foetus
      wendy! are you well ?x
    19. Queen of the Bay
      Queen of the Bay
      My condolences.
    20. Star
      Aww pleasure :D That card was FULLY how I imagine our eurovision party next year to be like!
    21. Star
      How are you eyes doing now flower, ok?
    22. Star
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    23. Pearl
      Happy Birthday!
    24. Lunar Foetus
      Lunar Foetus

      what happened to her? was it sudden? when is the funeral?

      sorry for 101 questions, i don't do compassion very well and always end up reverting to 'annoying journalist mode'

      but the compassion is there xxx
    25. Lunar Foetus
      Lunar Foetus
      sorry to hear about your cousin wendy

      i hope you are alright xx
    26. Star
      STARS :D

      Did you/Kelvin want to do Sister Act treacle? Only I'm going to book soon!
    27. adamlonsdale
      Hey There :)

      You might not remember me xD i think i was 14 last time we spoke (Yeah, im 17 soon :)

      Hope you're okay :)

      Adam x
    28. Star
      Yay glad you got it, your postman is boviously slower than all the rest :o
    29. Star
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    30. wendy the goat
      wendy the goat
      What is this shit?
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