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  1. Rita

    Rita User

    Nov 24, 2004
    00 *Slav* - Don’t know don’t CARE.
    00 abnormal – Im sure you are but we have enough freak shows around here as it is without you getting you neb in on the action.
    04 AcerBen – Came back recently for a brief stint, it was about a exciting as Nora Battys brief comeback in the ill fated Crossroads.
    00 Adeva
    10 Agnetha – Moopys biggest brutal bitch who I for one find utterly FABULOUS. I am not bandwagon jumping I am just stating facts honey!
    00 ah ah ah – Thank FUCK you have pissed off. THE END.
    08 Alex – I think I usually give you quite a low mark in the competition but you have seriously gone up in my estimations of late because you seem like a genuinely nice person. Still as bland as a poached egg though.
    05 ameraal – Sorry Ameraal but you have gone down by default really, I mean WHERE ARE YOU?
    06 Andries – Still quite bitter that you said you know nothing about me, I mean do you READ the forums? I would like to think that I make some sort of contribution but then again I could probably say the same about you really. In the words of Nikki “WHO IS SHE”?
    01 Andy70 – I don’t know much about you to be honest, but 1 point for the chart that you post on here, and –9 for for not letting me trash the Haven forums.
    00 Angel Gemini* - I am not going to give you a mark on the merit that other people like you. You haven’t been round much, if at all in the 3 years I have been posting here so big fat zero for pissing off.
    00 Annie R.U.O.K – Banned I think? GOOD!
    08 Apocalypt-flyer – The same as Alex really, you seem like a lovely guy but there is nothing prolific about you that I could put my finger on, and I really wish their was.
    08 belgo – You are always first with any sort of news on ANYTHING music wise and although you don’t get involved with much in The Moop
    00 Benny
    04 Beryl – You don’t post that much and seem like a bit of a prick when you do, so I think a nice 4 about sums you up..
    09 Beverley – Oh I love myself a bit of our Bev, I just wish you and Gavin would get together and make babies
    00 big ron – Arrogant piece of shit with no likeability whatsoever, not posted in ages which to me is an absolute GODSEND.
    00 Blake – Know as much about you as I do of the Chuckle Brothers, SWEET SHAG ALL.
    05 BoysForSeles – 5 for effort
    00 Broomhelga
    00 bruce5433
    06 Bunty's Magic Vegetable – I have recently came to the conclusion that you are quite funny but that still doesn’t exclude the fact you are a complete CUNT at times.
    04 charliebobs – You pop up every now and again with a novel to share but what part of NOT INTERESTED don’t you get?
    06 chocolat
    09 Christian – I do love myself a nice bit of Christian, I think his mark would more than likely have been a 10 but –1 for slacking and not being here.
    ?? Confessions
    09 Crash – My lovely Scottish friend! I don’t think much of YOUR friends though..
    09 cwej – I went through a stage a while back of HATING Cwej (who hasn’t?) but now I am rather fond. Still don’t get the eyes thing though?
    00 d22ghj – SHUT UP!
    00 dabbler
    05 Dandy
    07 Dark Carnival – Spineless to the max but you are quite sweet too, tomatoe tomato eh?
    08 David – You want to know who went out 7th in South Africas 3rd series of Pop Idol? Daves your man
    07 David 5000 – I don’t know all that much about you because I think you post mainly in Eurovision but what I have seen I like.
    09 delirium – Whistle for a hotty – WOO WOO WOO!
    06 Devil – You are OK, but I think we have enough Spice Girls loons here these days without you harping on about Geris latest breakage of a toe nail.
    08 dixielandings – You talk complete and utter SHIT. I LOVE IT!
    09 Donna Summer – Genuinely one of Moopys funniest posters. I love how you just turn up out of the blue and leave me in stitches time and time again.
    08 Dr Lecter – You wont read this anyway so I am not going to exert myself
    03 DrEAmFish - POOF
    09 dUb – I love a man who can get me X Factor insider info willy nilly. Oh you cant now? –1 point then…
    05 Dyonn – Your married to the lovely Meri so I shall give you 5 points for that.
    00 Earl Purple – Shit beyond extreme, nauseating, ugly – God you got a good bag didn’t you?
    07 Edward – Its all KYLIE KYLIE KYLIE with you young Edward isn’t it? Your name reminds me a bit of EDMOND from ‘The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe’ YAY!
    09 Eileen – Ooh Eileen, never have I seen such a brilliant newcomer walk these shores of Moopy and fit like a glove. FABULOUS
    09 Ellie – You get too much stick for being a Michael Jackson loon where there is so much more to you than that.
    10 Emma – Emma isn’t just ignorant, condescending and up her own arse, OH NO! This girl knows how to work it and plays you all with STYLE.
    00 Erri
    00 Euroboy
    10 everpres – Always was one of Moopys better posters but I find it really interesting to watch you start again and carry on in the brilliance of your posting style.
    05 Evie – Filthy lesbian slut.
    08 FetchFugly – I am always very interested to read your posts and I agree with most of your views. I also like how you post more sporadically than some, quality over quantity and all that jazz.
    00 Flames – Stop your bloody moaning. Call me a cunt now because I have no clue to who you are nor do I care. FUCK OFF YOU BORING OLD QUEEN.
    09 Floella – YUM YUM
    07 Frozen – You seem like a lovely bloke but you seem to have lost a lot of substance in your posts or maybe I have just lost the will to read them these days…
    10 funky – I love myself a good bit of el Funk. You say it like it is and a lot of the time you actually just seem to posess glamour without trying. I love that..
    07 Gavin – COME BACK!
    07 graves
    08 Halli – Oh I think you are pretty brilliant to be honest but I am going to give you a mark less since you are never here
    00 Héctor
    00 homeboy
    07 Ill Advised – I do like you but a lot of the time you strike me as being about as interesting as the Evening Telegraph.
    10 Indie – You have grown on me so much lately. I think since you have started posting more frequently the quality has also went through the roof.
    00 IndiElectronica – OH PISS OFF
    00 infatuation
    09 Jack - I will ALWAYS have a soft spot for Jack just because I think we would get on famously in real life, and once again –1 since you seem to have done one…
    09 Jake – Lovely Jake, you seem to have a gorgeous personality and are so sweet that I would LOVE to mother you. Absolute DARLING.
    05 jamatthews – I quite like what I have seen from you actually, but you are far too inconsistent to get anything more than a 5.
    00 jester – You are an ugly prick inside and out so I am glad you have fucked off, hopefully off a cliff somewhere…
    00 Jonfessions – I don’t care about the Spice Girls darling, I got over them in 1996 the same as everyone else now I suggest maybe you should too.
    09 jonhawk – Simply GORGEOUS
    07 Joseph – You seem to just quite happily blend in to the background these days, why bother posting in the first place? I am giving you a 7 because I know how good you can be,
    07 Kane – Moopys Australian buddy, now be a good boy and PLEASE go and make sure Moonbaby is getting on fabulously and I may even up you to an 8 in the next mooprate.
    03 Karvel – I know nothing about you really, and from what I have seen I don’t particularly want to either. Oh and get a hair cut young man!
    10 Kate – Kates a slag….Kate is a raven hussy….Kate is KATE now give the girl a break, because whatever people may think of her personal life Kate is one of the best posters on Moopy, so shut the shag up and get over it…
    00 Kim
    07 Kitty Kat – You seem lovely and all but I don’t want to know about your eating habits, and how much lasagne you have consumed from the local greasy spoon. You do however seem like a lovely girl who I would like to chat to a bit more on here..
    00 Krust – Lets get one thing straight – you are not funny/original nor will you ever be so just DO ONE por favor.
    08 Lee – I haven’t really caught up with all this Lee is thick nonsense because when you steer clear of the gaming forum I think you have pretty good views on music.
    -1 Lelloola – If you come anywhere other than last I swear I will HUNT YOU DOWN. Disgusting, foul, psychotic piece of crap and I will tell you something sunshine if I ever came face to face with you in the light of day I would give you a proper Glasgow kiss and heel to the nether regions because by GOD if anyone needed a good hammering its you….ARRGGGHHH!!
    05 Little My – You are new right? I have the right to reserve judgement until the next rate.
    10 Lolly – Someone who even when posting a bunch of verbal diarrhoea still manages to be by far one of the Moopy greats.
  2. Rita

    Rita User

    Nov 24, 2004
    11 loomer – My favourite Moopy poster by a country mile. I always remember during the RACIST RITA fiasco that you were about one of the only people not to jump on the LETS BURN THE BITCH DOWN bandwagon and I wont forget that. Your posts are always an utter joy to read, and you are FUNNY AS FUCK. What more could you want in a man?
    10 Loufoque – Absolutely HILARIOUS, some people need lessons from you on how to feel it and be funny and fabulous in equal measure.
    07 Madison – For my sins I have grown to like the bells on a Sunday thread. You are like some sort of fungus as you have grown on me rather a lot of late.
    06 Mark – You seem to have almost disappeared since you got some sort of uncalled for hate campaign against you? I like you but I am struggling to give you a higher MARK as you are just never here.
    00 Meh
    06 Meia Lua – A friend of Ellies is a FRIEND OF MINE.
    10 Mericat – WHERE ART THOU MERI? You are my smoking partner in crime, and one of the best posters on here with a dry wit which I fucking LOVE! It was between you and Loomer for my 11 but you haven’t seemed to be here in an AGE.
    09 Mikey Best newbie by far, you are so interesting with your music news in a way that I actually wish I was.
    07 Mink – I hope you are OK L
    10 Moonbaby – I hope you are having an absolute ball down under honey. You are someone that actually reminds me a lot of myself when I was younger and I really like that, not sure if you would like me saying that though.
    04 Mother Superior
    00 Mrs B – SHLAAAGG!
    06 Music
    06 NeilB
    10 octophone – So little time left Octy but couldn’t leave you blank. You are a DARLING and have the most attractive online persona EVER.
    00 Oglivy
    06 Patrick – You are GORGEOUS
    05 Pemel
    07 PercyPig
    07 PGCMc
    06 Phoenix
    09 Pickle – BOOTYLICIOUS! You have an ass that I have been working out my whole life for.
    06 Pipo – Are you still around?
    00 PJL – Tit for TAT! Although I am not nice enough to go giving you a 5.
    05 Potato
    07 PurpleTurtle
    00 Quandary
    10 Rachey – I miss you Rachey!
    06 RaspberrySwirl
    08 Raucous Bitch – I don’t really think I have all that much in common with you BUT you have fantastic ideas for Moopy and will be a shoe in for mod next time hopefully.
    00 Réyez
    00 rhythmbastard – Your sister looks like a mister and you need to start scoffing those spicey Kentucky chicken wings again, ANYTHING to stop you posting your inane drivel on here.
    -- Rita
    00 rmbod
    08 Robbie – I really like you and your chart stats are second to none.
    00 SDF
    10 Sebastian Flyte – I find you hilarious, I don’t know if you it unintentionally but I like how you are your own person and that person is second to none.
    07 Sheena – I know we have had our differences and do understand why you don’t like me but you are brilliant on here and amazingly funny. You are someone who I think I would get on famously with offline actually.
    09 Sild – You are an INSPIRATION.
    08 Silly Moo
    00 Skizzo
    07 Slave – Immensely improved
    04 Smash
    09 Snork Maiden – YUMMY MUMMY!
    04 spicebrain
    10 Star – SAVIOUR OF MOOPY! I don’t know what this place would like without you at the reigns, although I suspect it would be pretty DIRE.
    00 Steve
    00 steve_uk
    06 Stosh
    09 Strebor
    08 Suedehead
    07 Suomi
    00 Superstylin'
    00 svperstar
    10 swangali – You my boy are actually AMAZING.
    06 Tal
    06 Tetris-Rock
    07 That One
    07 Tigerclaw
    06 TomH
    09 TomLondon
    00 topopMAC1
    08 Toyah
    08 Tramell
    06 vahedl
    09 vinyl junkie
    10 VoR – You are like the ugly duckling who has grown in to an amazing beautiful swan. I was a cruel cow to you when I first joined here and really regret it, I just want you to know I am sorry about that and that I think you are BRILLIANT.
    06 Vortex
    00 Weltmeister
    08 wendy the goat
    00 Whatevar
    07 WiDGe->

  3. VoR

    VoR Forever in our hearts #Justice4Barb

    Feb 3, 2004
    Oh ALLOW Rita's after that mammoth effort! They were actually only a few seconds late, moopy tech issues make it look like she was ten minutes out.
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2007
  4. Sild

    Sild New balls please

    Feb 3, 2004
    As I've said, if previous form is to go by they won't be! Depends on the charity of our organisers...
  5. Emma

    Emma x-o-x-o

    Nov 26, 2004
    don't be such a jobsworth. the more votes the merrier, i'm sure her votes can be counted seeing as they were literally a few minutes late.
  6. Sild

    Sild New balls please

    Feb 3, 2004
    I'm not being! I'm just saying that's what's happened before
  7. Star

    Star Homo Secretary (OB)

    Feb 4, 2004
    What tech issues?

    I say allow them :D
  8. Emma

    Emma x-o-x-o

    Nov 26, 2004
    you are being a jobsworth - it was YOU who locked the thread at midnight ON THE DOT.
  9. Indie

    Indie Skeptopotamus

    Feb 3, 2004
    Arctic Circle
    Rita's votes are ABSOLUTELY included.
  10. Indie

    Indie Skeptopotamus

    Feb 3, 2004
    Arctic Circle
    however, despite repeated warnings and a PM warning, Broomhelga's votes are to be DISCOUNTED for not FOLLOWING RULES
  11. Indie

    Indie Skeptopotamus

    Feb 3, 2004
    Arctic Circle
    here's the deal:

    I've counted all the votes. I just want to double check everything's in order and they will be REVEALED at 6pm (ish) TONIGHT

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