Subtle effects of the credit crunch

Discussion in 'Current Affairs & Debate' started by WiDGe->, Nov 27, 2008.

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    A couple I've noticed:

    Branston Beans (of all things), haven't gone up in price or anything BUT they have stopped doing cans with the ring pulls on. I'm assuming this is to lower manu costs so that prices stay the same. You'll notice that Tesco branded stuff is always cheap and never has ring pulls.

    More cheap to produce shitty TV. Its like a return to the mid90's. Something called TimeWarp has been on at night on ITV and is basically 2 bods sat on a cheap set, in front of 2 plasmas doing a screensaver showing amusing clips throughout time. Cheap to knock out and no doubt very friendly the the likes of ITV's massively slashed budget.

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