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  1. Euphoria

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    Sep 23, 2012
    Oh the album version is superior to almost ALL :disco:
  2. POP!

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    Nov 27, 2007
    Man on the moon
    Aside from "The Promise" and "Can't Speak French" being puzzlingly LOW, I generally agree with the top five.
  3. loomer

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    Aug 22, 2004
    I was gonna vote on this but I only heard Something New once or twice and was completely underwhelmed but I knew it was loved here. Will have to go back to ot. SKO lower than NGA?! :(
  4. Nowoco

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    Aug 29, 2016
    Great thread, disappointed I missed the voting! However I am a little surprised by the top 10.

    23 WALK THIS WAY (1.97) - Absolute trash with awful production.
    22 BEAUTIFUL 'CAUSE YOU LOVE ME (3) - I actually really like this song but I know I'm in the minority. Cheryl's intro and Sarah's lines are great but I dont like Kimba's at all. Surprised this doesn't get more love though.
    21 I'LL STAND BY YOU (4.6) - Decent enough but doesn't add anything to the original.
    20 I THINK WE'RE ALONE NOW (4.93) - Just doesn't work for me. The dance remixes are really good though.
    19 SEE THE DAY (5) - Horrific. Girls Aloud's absolute worst song full stop, let alone single.
    18 LONG HOT SUMMER (6.47) - Another one that is disliked by the GA fanbase but one I really like.
    17 JUMP (6.73) - Probably the only decent GA cover. Fantastic production.
    16 LOVE MACHINE (7.4) - Not one my favourites but I love the crazy lyrics.
    15 THE PROMISE (7.57) - Amazed to see this all the down here. I'm guessing its because it was played everywhere and got to number #1 which means it is the most accessible to the "casual" GA fans.
    14 CAN'T SPEAK FRENCH (7.57) - I agree with the person who said this seems like a missed opportunity with the really good concept it has.
    13 LIFE GOT COLD (7.59) - I never liked this until the last couple of years. It literally took 10 years to grow on me.
    12 WAKE ME UP (7.7) - Never been a huge fan of this, I think Xenomania went a bit too far with the production and it doesn't "sound" like GA.
    11 WHOLE LOTTA HISTORY (7.83) - One of my absolute favourites. The one time GA got a ballad absolutely bang on. All 5 girls have great lines and even Kimba actually does something.
    10 SEXY! NO NO NO... (7.97) - Amazing intro, probably their best and a really solid, tight track.
    09 SOUND OF THE UNDERGROUND (8.57) - Wouldn't be out of place on Tangled Up this, feels like it was GA before they became GA and completely set the tone of what was to come.
    08 SOMETHING KINDA OOOH (8.77) - I cant believe this is so high. Its ok but never top 10 imo. Another track where the remixes are better than the original.
    07 NO GOOD ADVICE (8.87) - The track that got me into GA. I still was in that post Hear'Say "reality show groups will never produce good music" mode but I held my hands up with this and admitted it was brilliant and became a GA fan.
    06 THE SHOW (9.03) - Perfection. This is everything GA do well. Great intro, top class production, silly lyrics and a hook infested chorus. Sarah's "should have made me now, could have saved me now" is maybe her best moment.
    05 BIOLOGY (9.1) - The most polarising GA song ever I think. I've never met anyone who says they hate it but you often hear people say they don't "get" it. I adore it and for years it was my favourite GA track. Superb.
    04 SOMETHING NEW (9.13) - I cannot believe this is anywhere near the top 5. I hate the intro for a start. I think Miranda Cooper's absence is obvious and it doesn't feel like a GA song at all. Doesn't do anything well.
    03 THE LOVING KIND (9.37) - Absolutely stunning. I want to say this is my favorite GA song so I will. Sarah is firing on all cylinders here. "Sometimes I watch you when you're sleeping, I wonder what you're feeling". Beautiful.
    02 UNTOUCHABLE (9.43) - I'm so pleased to see this so high. GA and Xenomania do a mammoth track so well here that you wonder why they didn't do it more. The guitar intro and outro is incredible and Nicola's opening lines are first class.
    01 CALL THE SHOTS (9.63) - I like it but don't love it. I think its GA's most overrated track by a mile. People always see this as their defining moment but it wouldn't even be in my top 10. However so many people love it so much that it must just be me!
  5. Sharla

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    Jul 1, 2012
    Hi Nowoco. Will you be buying tickets for the regional tour of Ghost?
  6. dUb

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    May 2, 2004
    HIYA NOWOCO I love Beautiful 'Cause You Love Me as well :disco:

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