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    Sam Ryder - Somebody

    Oh Ag, not wicked whispers! Did he strike his house staff?
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    Next Tory leader/ UK Prime Minister (2022) Tiny Rishi Sunak vs Liz 'Pork Markets' Truss 🤮👎🚮 ⚠️ 📉 🥩❗️🐍🚩

    I’m just hoping that they’re just shouting all this bollocks into the void hoping to win, but when they get to it they’ll be even more toothless than Terri-May
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    ASFM: Summer Holiday Edition - CLOSES 22/08 at 12:00 (ButterTart time)

    What’s the schedule of events again? I know you’ve posted it somewhere but there are 6 pages and the info is SMEARED all over
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    Wednesday - starring Catherine Zeta Jones (Netflix)

    Finally I could see the original post - I had already bookmarked this on Netflix for concépté alone, but it looks good. That kid is basically doing “young Aubrey Plaza” Looking forward to the ultimate smoky eye too.
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    Is anyone else having POSTING ISSUES?

    See I think you scared it, I went back to the last thread I remember having trouble with, and it was fine :sour:
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    Marvel Cinematic Universe General Chat

    Well I watched them I used to think Groot was just a one-dimensional bit of bark with cow eyes, but this series has really shown me something new. He’s also a selfish petty cunt apparently Well done all
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    Marvel Cinematic Universe General Chat

    Novelty wearing off??! GROOT GROOT I AM GROOT Oh wait it did I watched one, I’ll probably watch the rest because I’ve got nowhere else to go right now. I love how self aware they were to fast-forward the opening credits, but not enough to spare us a 2+ minute credit sequence for a 3 minute short
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    She-Hulk (Disney+)

    Oh wait I enjoyed it :o (turns out I only WANTED to enjoy Ms Marvel) I didn’t feel rushed either really, I am NOT going to say “oh this marvel series needs a longer runtime” because that way madness lies. The humour was fairly basic but it did the job and hopefully it can continue without...
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    Sam Ryder - Somebody

    Yes the answer is a triviality, I’ll let someone else have it
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    Sam Ryder - Somebody

    :D well judging by this thread let’s see how far it gets without any gay support
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    I guess it’s a bit immaterial now anyway, we both have it and he thinks he got it from me
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    Club Ghibli #20 - Tales of Earthsea (2006)

    Do you mind if I start the next thread though? I’m stuck isolating for the next week and I need something to do :D
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    Club Ghibli #20 - Tales of Earthsea (2006)

    I haven’t heard anything from dear sisters @Peekaboo and @Christian - did you give this one a whirl?
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    Is anyone else having POSTING ISSUES?

    @Administrator please hear my plea In the last few weeks or so, I’ve been having weird issues with embedded content on my phone. Instagram posts come out as a big white block the same size as a normal post but totally blank. Facebook posts are almost the same but the block is transparent. Has...
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    Thursday is in danger of getting OUT OF HAND + problematic + broke the girl code + a bit drink at 1.39am

    Well it seems I’m able to sleep all through the night without feverishly waking up :disco: Still pissing the bed, naturally
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