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    Monday's going on a summer holiday

    Monday's going on a summer holiday, and so am I :disco:
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    Welcome to Jessica Ware FORUM

    Oh, I thought we were asking for a Jessie Jare forum :(
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    Sunday is tired of waiting on you

    No, you're coming out of your cage and you are doing JUST FINE.
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    Salman Rushdie attacked on stage in NY

    "Fatwa?" New Jersey native Hadi Matar told police, "I barely know her."
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    Late night drunk moopy

    My life peaked with sangria on the beach.
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    Elton John x Britney - Hold Me Closer 🌹🚀

    'Tiny Dancer' is an absolute classic, so I imagine it will be at least OK by default.
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    Beyoncé - act i: RENAISSANCE [New Album]

    Cheer up Yoncé, luv, it might never happen.
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    Saturday is ready for its close up…

    There is a dachshund YELLING outside my window. So little LEG, so much LUNG.
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    ASFM: Summer Holiday Edition - OPEN NOW

    Everybody? Everybody?! Absolutely everybody in the whole wide world? Absolutely EVERYBODY? Every boy AND every girl?!?
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    Donald Trump - The Wilderness Years - FBI RAID MAR-A-LAGO

    Apparently one of the files he stole was just some HOT GOSS on Emanuel Macron :D
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    pop emergency! new carly rae jepsen music

    The video's cute though.
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    Shania Twain - Singles Survivor - ROUND 5 (TOP 9)

    Shania actually wrote 'Ka-Ching!' for Karl Marx to record, but he was too emotional to finish the recording session. A TRUE STORY.
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    Omg weekly Table Manners discussion. I am THERE.
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    Donald Trump - The Wilderness Years - FBI RAID MAR-A-LAGO

    How much? Word is, lots!
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