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  • Hey! Am searching online for Kathy Mattea's "Asking us to dance" but it's not on iTunes :( You don't have it by any chance do you?
    ****************STOP PRESS***************

    Thank you for voting in MOOPYRATE 13. You have been entered into the GREAT MOOPY PRIZE DRAW to be held this Sunday afternoon, 2nd Aug 2009.

    Tune in to see if you will win one of the 13 prizes available :o

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    Don't forget to vote in the latest round of the Spielberg movie knockout in the movie forum. We're down to 7 movies and the more votes the better!!
    K@ne, did you upload that Sequal album?

    The g thingy looks so hard to get into and I never bother with it anyway tbh, but you could email me a link to it if you like as I'm rather interested since I'm obsessed with "I'm Over You" and they're not on soulseek bar the 1985 hit.

    My email is listed in my profile under MSN... whenever you have time!

    I'm having a break from Moopy for a bit cause I'm too busy just now, but will be back around May. Or that's the plan! I'm on Facebook anyway, but that seems even sillier than here. :gross:
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    Thank you for voting in Moopyrate 12. You have been entered into the £50 prize draw which will be occuring from 8pm this Sunday, Nov 16th.

    Be sure to log in to see if you've won the jackpot or one of the other prizes on offer :o

    *********END OF BULLETIN**********
    awww kane, im sorry about your cat petal :( hope you are okay x
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