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  • OMG speaking of Francophilia, 5 albums by La Hardy are being reissued per a Mojo revew, from Ma Jeneusse Fout Le Comp to Et Si Je M'en Vais Avant Toi. I'll finally get to hear the legendary La Question, 5 stars naturellement.

    Re: boxsets, I have Malle, Jeunet and Caro, Almodovar and even Scorsese to get through. Ingmar is the ultimate, Federico I'm not sure on but love the early neo-realist stuff.
    Oh and episode 16, the first of the 2012 episodes, basically sets up Stroh/Brenda for an almighty face off.
    Oh Episode's 10 and 15 are among the best of any TV show I've ever watched - I don't know which you're referring to though, I suspect 15 as it was THE 2011 finale, but the final scenes of episode 10 with her face off against Goldman are just incredible, she should totally have been nominated for every award going for that scene alone. Indeed, but I think Fritz is going to be more of a recurring consultant type role, but yes it does make me slightly worried because my first thought was 'she's going to DIE' but the producers have said she CAN come back and we'll be pleased with the finale so it isn't that. I did suspect that about the leak for a while too and my main thought then was it might be Buzz - he thought he was doing the right thing, but messed up because he doesn't fully understand proctocal. The only main cast member not moving across being Gabriel and then him being the leak would be a really unfulfilling ending I think. Stil, 3 weeks to go :disco:
    Another Closer fan? Oh my, there's a first time for everything!

    Where are you at then? I always loved Raydor (she really is quite fabulous) but in S7 she's really been worked into the group very well and her and Brenda are good friends now. I think the rest of them really respect her too which is good. Major Crimes is going to have a different feel anyway with the DA's being involved so I think Mary will do well. Although I'm more concerned about whom the LEAK may be, Pope or Gabriel seem much too obvious, but also the only logical choices to me. Plus Stroh needs taking DOWN.
    "I have seen the madness in my area"...good news that there's another Fall fan on Moopy; the last one bogged off a year or two back.
    She looks stunning as ever! What a bizarre slightly disturbing photo, where is it from?
    she did! it wasn't even croaktastic though you could tell she was straining
    but it was in the encore so good game altogether
    i've acquired the whole soundtrack and hopefully will soon be in the right mood to take it in *.*
    keep it coming!
    also thank you so much for your last fm recommendation!
    it is much appreciated and already loaded on mypod ready to be heard *.*
    tori did "northern lad" when i saw her in rome
    it's always been one of my favourites
    so there!
    Can't talk now, I'm currently getting ready for the Weekly Promcoming Dance over in lumpy space :disco:
    Sorry for the lengthy silence, I can't even blame it on having far better or more worthwhile stuff to do in my spare time :( I work for the official Belgian charts company. I spend most of my days entering songs and albums, both the newest releases and back catalogue stuff, into our database on

    I feel your pain on never having seen Mylène live. I actually had tickets to see her in Brussels in '09 (which I naturally paid through the nose for) but dropped out at the very last minute (long story :| PM for details if you must know, but I doubt you would want to! :rustie: ).

    Here's to hoping "Lonely Lisa" manages to cross over beyond the loon demographic (unlike oh so many singles she's released the past ten years), heaven knows it deserves to :disco:
    Thanks for the offer, but earning my living in the music industry, I try to buy everything legally where possible. :angel:

    I am Belgian, yes, not so sure about the drama-free bit though...

    I had to giggle at your hostility towards Kate Ryan! :D I do still have a soft spot for desperate ropey ole Kate myself (I own all the albums anyway), but I readily admit she's not quite a postergirl for promoting Belgium as a place of creativity and sophistication.
    Where in the middle of nowhere? If you're northern I need to know how northern!

    25 Male Carlisle
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