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  • I'm glad you got around to it. Wait until you see the hobbit stand next to the statuesque Keeley Hawes. The second and third series are even better than the first, do your best to avoid spoilers!

    I did watch Penny Dreadful to the end and at the end it was all a bit of "oh is that it?".
    Happy Valley 2 was quite poor by comparison, and there have been a lot of complaints about the audio quality of that and other BBC shows. I couldn't watch the first episode without subtitles. Night Manager exceedingly good. The good thing about British shows is that they are usually limited to 6 hours.
    Peaky Blinders is well worth watching but if you want something even better then get Line Of Duty - three series of 6 episodes each, it concluded here this week and even though it's on one of the smaller channels it got the highest viewing figures for that time slot. Don't read anything about it first though, watch all 3 series to avoid any spoilers, and there are plenty of OMFG moments and then read up on it.
    It's a good opener and sets things up nicely. No potty mouthed chat from PLP this time round though and no Dame Helen McCrory.

    Speaking of which have you bothered with Peaky Blinders? Series 3 starts here this week.
    Oh thank you. I watched Sense8 on Netflix when it was released and How To Get Away With Murder is on Netflix and I keep meaning to watch.

    I have downloaded The Slap (original series with Academy Award nominee Sophie Okonedo rather than US remake with BAFTA winner Thandie Newton) and Show Me A Hero which Oscar Isaac won a GG for this year, is from Paul Haggis of Crash fame and also stars AANs Winona Ryder, Catherine Keener and Bob Balaban with Alfred Molina. There's also Patrick Stewart and AAN Jacki Weaver in Blunt Talk (a half hour comedy thing) and I might sample The Affair. But I also have all the AAN 2016 screeners and War & Peace to get through. Grandma has finally leaked btw.
    I'm off on holiday next week and I'm in the mood for an easy to follow yet absorbing TV series that I can dip in and out of with and award winning cast and occasional male nudity (full frontal not mandatory) to put on my iPad. Any recommendations?
    I didn't see your reply when I posted mine, I should have quoted known cinephile Penelope in my reply to make it clear.

    Sisters is torrentable too but still no Grandma
    After your recommendation a while ago I finally got around to watching the first series of Penny Dreadful, and it is rather enjoyable. Looking forward to extra McCrory in season 2. Have you seen any of The Man In The High Castle yet? The first episode is intriguing.
    I fully intend to get back on it, but I still need to finish S6. I just need to find the right time to brave wading through the rest of that first.
    I don't get these acronyms :D but of course I remember. it's gonna be SUCH A FUCKING MOMENT :disco: :(
    I did watch it yes. slightly underwhelming season in my opinion but it was nice to have the knots tied. would have loved a courtroom showdown though! yes the ending was :( and :disco:

    what's RW? :o
    Hello! I saw that you watched RuPaul's Drag race too.... Do you know why William is kicked out?
    good move! no I'm still not done with Crows. taking a break and reading something else, got a bit samey!

    how was your NYE? have your sister and mother killed each other yet? :o
    oh I didn't know about the reviews :( I'm gonna watch Revenge instead then :disco:
    are you gonna watch Grimm? I just saw the 20 minute preview. talk about OTT... but then again I never really got into Buffy and the like. I shall keep watching though incase Walking Dead turns out to be a complete snooZZZe
    finished ASOS just now. I've never said OH MY GOD so many times in my life. the last ten chapters are all epic. I wonder which of the endings (OH MY GOD ALL THE ENDINGS) they will use for the season..
    no I'm two thirds through ASOS. I am kinda struggling at this point... not because it's boring 'cause it's AMAZING but I feel like I need a break. it's been 2000+ pages so far after all

    I have to wait about a year for the new one. I want it paperback like the rest I've got (it's all about STYLE, darling)
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    I LOVE your Second Coming avatar, the Granov covers have been pure ART. I'm really worried of the prospect of all this unneccessary killing though, hopefully it's all just Marvel hypeand noone will really die...
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