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    Calvin Harris - Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 2 + Potion ft. Dua Lipa

    well, of course he would wheel out a Feels part 2!
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    What’s your favourite B*Witched number one?

    As far as album tracks go, We Four Girls and Rev It Up are better than they have any right to be.
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    Usher, Lil Jon, Ludacris - Sexbeat

    Lil'Freak and obviously Dirty Dancer with Enrique Iglesias for me, gotta love that noughties TRASHY bop!
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    Mel B & Emma Join Season 4 of The Circle (US)

    what about her personal IG account where she's GIVING vocals with impromptu performances of It's Raining Men and Lift Me Up (while forgetting the lyrics :basil: ) in a drunken night with rylan???
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    Thor: Love & Thunder

    tbh I don't care much for it really except NAMOR :horny: 🥵:redface: ay PAPI!
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    The Wendy Williams Thread

    These clips were posted on another site and they will be hidden under a spoiler tag because they might be triggering and I'm sure some posters won't have the heart to watch them but, Wendy Williams is NOT in good shape and doesn't seem to be doing fine :confused: slurring words without meaning...
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    Thor: Love & Thunder

    That's homophobic
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    Ellie Goulding - Album 5 + Easy Lover

    oh elena
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    Usher, Lil Jon, Ludacris - Sexbeat

    oh Confessions Pt.2 still bops. I need to watch his Tiny Desk concert!
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    Samantha Mumba -Baby Come Over (This Is Our Night)

    It was so frustrating that she went with this in America while ACBTYL was right there! The album version of BCO was already flat and unremarkable, it's not like the single remix treatment did it any favors. I remember the video had heavy airplay on the Disney Channel and that's when it hit me...
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    Samantha Mumba -Baby Come Over (This Is Our Night)

    THIS! D:ream's "He Loves U Not" and Christina's "Come On Over" were so stupefyingly BAD but I loved them!
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    Beyoncé - Break My Soul

    omg YASSSSSSSssssssssssssssss
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    L. Gaga (founder of Haus Labs) debuts makeup tutorial video

    Where would you buy Rihanna's shit?? I've always assumed Sephora was worldwide :basil:
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    Post a TikTok

    I Saw that one this morning! (Via Twitter though)
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