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    Eurovision 2022: THE FINAL (20:00 BST)

    We cancelled Neighbours. They just served one stone cold dish of revenge.
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    The UK: The Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson years - problematic + infected + broke the law + electoral poison + sneks + not very good + RESIGNED

    They will try and scapegoat the medics and it makes me incredibly sad and angry - perhaps more than anything else we've heard to date (and that's saying something). It is the job of medical professionals to be cautious. Treatment/management of any condition is done by differential diagnosis...
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    Ninth console generation (Xbox Series X and Playstation 5)

    Taking Spider-Man 2, Wolverine, God of War and GT7 out of the equation (which we safely can for a few years), most of the games just felt like dreary emo variations on the same concept. I found the whole thing terribly disappointing. The only thing that stood out as being different was Tchia...
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    Steps - What The Future Holds Pt. 2

    On first impressions, I prefer it to Part 1 and I'm sure somewhere between the two albums is a half-decent follow-up to Tears On The Dancefloor. I think I just need to make peace with the fact that their sound now has basically become the hollow stereotype people used to associate with them...
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    RSD 2022 + general vinyl discussion

    You can ring HMV and reserve the 'Fever' vinyl to a local store for collection. It's on their order system and will be available through the website "soon".
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    Love Island 2021

    Tonight's episode was a disaster for Kaz; I think there was a reasonable amount of goodwill towards her, but now she looks like a complete hypocrite who likes to play the victim. I felt sorry for Clarisse, but in Tyler's defence, she picked him (and I'm not sure he would've reciprocated). Kaz...
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    The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword (Wii)

    Well, just to close the loop, I finally completed this over the weekend and I adored it. My observations are largely consistent with others': when it's good, Skyward Sword represents the series at its best; when it's's repetitive rather than objectively bad. The graphics look...
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    Steps - Take Me For a Ride (OUT NOW)

    Just slow things down a bit. They have a very specific demographic, I completely accept that. But the last album campaign launched and wrapped up in the space of five months (less if you count 'Heartbreak In This City' as a single from this album). They had terrific tracks in 'Something In Your...
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    Steps - Take Me For a Ride (OUT NOW)

    I don't like it. And what's more, it feels symptomatic of the way their career is being managed now, which I'm growing increasingly tired of. New song > first play on Radio 2 > top ten iTunes spot (56 copies sold) > music video > repeat with another song 4 weeks later. Other than 'Scared Of...
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    What are you gaming? 2021

    Ooh! Maybe I'll actually play it this time. I started it, got to the first major fight and gave up shortly afterwards. I can't remember why; it wasn't BAD. I just felt like I was playing it for the sake of playing a game that everyone had raved about. I felt the same way about 'The Last Of Us'...
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    UK Charts/ Midweeks 2021

    While it would be quite unlike the OCC to ignore something that could be interfered with, last December was the ONLY time anyone paid attention to the singles chart. Mariah, Wham and - to a lesser extent - LadBaby were all headline news. Shunting Christmas songs into their own chart would be the...
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    And Just Like That... (Sex & The City revival)

    I'm CURIOUS. Obviously, the second movie was a mistake. But I think as long as the show regains its self-awareness (in as much as it ever had a grasp on reality), it'll be okay. There are plenty of stories to tell with a group of women in their mid-50s, as long as they actually try to tell...
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    That's how so many places are functioning at the moment. And because the waiting room - if not the whole department - is (presumably) not intended to have inpatient beds, to the government, it will remain invisible. They may, therefore, also expect it to be running as usual, which puts a lot of...
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    The situation is already past that in London in many of the major hospitals. The frustrating thing is the government don't actually know the scale of the problem. The way they collect data on bed occupancy is fundamentally flawed in that it's based on percentages rather than actual numbers...
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    The USA: Trump-Biden Transition - attempted coup + Trump IMPEACHED (AGAIN!)

    I kept thinking this during the live coverage when people were questioning why the police didn't just start arresting people after the 6pm curfew. And take them where? Even if police stations had holding cells the size of a football stadium then how would you get them all there? To me, it...
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