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  • I hope taps are a euphemism :horny:

    Fuck knows what for, though.

    Still... NICE TAPS ;)
    I honestly haven't :D I already knew the short version was on there due to a conversation we had a few years back. I reckon that's a bunch of people who know someone else with that name putting it up. I DID like this though:

    A very cute, lively, childlike boy with superhuman brains. Is generally the centre of attention and admired by all for his intelligence
    Oh i'm there now! (well not actually tonight). It's only a six month thing, but as long as i can keep hidden the things i have done wrong this week (or the person i'm filling in for decides to stay abroad/die suddenly) it should hopefully spring me into other areas.

    Can't come to your wedding though. I'm off round Emma's to watch hers on dvd with bride's commentary :disco:
    p.s. i haven't deleted you off facebook, i deleted facebook (in case you somehow noticed i had gone and felt all rejected and/or suicidal)
    Oh i DID thanks, my little angel.

    Though i started a new job the day before so i WORKED in the day which was actually a first (being an August birthday i NEVER had to bother with SCHOOL) but it is a nice job so i was RATHER HAPPY. And then my PRINCE took me on a surprise trip to NARNIA in a BIG TENT in Princess Diana's garden which was a bit shit tbh but i DIDN'T MIND because it's the THOUGHT that COUNTS

    Did Mr Star? I hope his wallet arrived. Still waiting. Still. Waiting.
    I know it's awkward shopping for two people you love with birthdays on the same day (my mum's clashes with Cilla Black's - NIGHTMARE) so i'll just have a wallet too. Mine's a bit tatty and i know you're busy.

    n.b. i'll be 25 so a twenty and a five note inside works quite well
    Well I know Stuart received his the same day as me, and he didn't mention anything, so his at least was okay!
    Star has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space.

    Starfish! I've watch it and found it REALLY interesting. I don't really know much about hijras, so it was super educational. What did you think of it?
    I saw no tits. She was all coated up and possibly in a russian style fur hat but my head might have added that in to be honest. I'm pretty sure her head was covered though.

    I feel like NEIL SEAN :disco:
    STAR STAR STAR. On saturday we were at the court seeing Love, Love, Love (sharp and funny but nothing i'd not seen before, 8/10) and then it ended and we left out the side door and THERE IN THE STAGE DOOR ALLEY WAS NONE OTHER THAN PREEYA KALIDAS HERSELF stood chatting to Little Miss Jocelyn, somewhat bizarrely.


    In real life she is taller than i expected (though it MIGHT have been HEELS ), very smiley, with a pointy face. Mumzy Stranger was nowhere to be seen.
    Oh NOTHING. He won't be on for a while though.

    I don't really like to say what's gone on really, but let's just say that people like him really should know better than to take their computers into PC World to get them mended.
    Don't feel bad. That was a PM i had in 2009 and i NEVER REPLIED

    Poor Marcu5_ohio. Poor little scamp.
    hello...I am a new member .Want to be friends !Do you think winter will be cold feet, so you need to have a pair of warm shoes, so you have a warm winter ugg footwear
    Oh that's quick! I didn't imagine it would catch the post yesterday afternoon. Anyway, fear not, it isn't those things from Christmas. I appropriated them elsewhere, other than the stuff I'm keeping for you for next year... :D
    I saw that, but he's getting on my tits so I'm choosing not to respond to it...
    You're VERY WELCOME my ADORABLE LITTLE ELF. However, i feel i must apologise for including a naughty word. I was unsober whilst writing it, and realised afterwards that i had failed to use any sort of *** to shield your delicate eyes. My profuse apologies.

    And sorry to read you got ill in India. I hope it was when you weren't travelling, and you didn't find yourself trapped on a train with broken toilet facilities, on the verge of soiling yourself for 11 hours straight like i was. Three years on i still can't face curry. Jo O'Meara was right about that place.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ۞! I wanted to get your address to send you a card, cause those Moopy ones are the best things ever! Hope you enjoyed India. Fabulous. xoxo
    What if you head to Westfield and I meet you there and we eat straight away? Would you have enough time then? I'm not sure how easy it is for you to get back from there, though.
    I get in to Paddington at about 1.15pm. I think I definitely do want to go to Westfield Stratford. I've been trying to figure out the best way to get there, and to be honest I'm struggling with the tfl website journey planner a bit. I THINK the easiest way seems to be to go to the Stratford overground rail station and walk the last little bit, rather than the Westfield Stratford underground station which is right in the shopping centre. Can you have a looksee to see if it makes more sense to you?

    As I'm getting in at lunch time, I'm going to need to eat fairly quickly, so thought if you can make it, we could do that? Now we could wait until we get to Westfield, or I was toying with the idea of going to Liverpool St and walk to Spitalfields where I know there are lots of lovely places. And it's easy to get from Liverpool St to Stratford.

    What do you think? I assume you're thinking you might be able to meet me?
    Thank you

    Although I was quite looking forward to see if anything would happen as a result
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