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    Beyoncé - act i: RENAISSANCE [New Album]

    This is the most interested I have ever been in Beyoncé so this tracks.
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    Eurovision 2023 News - in the UK!

    When it first came up, a friend of mine who is pretty into it was messaged by her casual pals asking tips for getting tickets and she literally said something along the lines “If I knew, I wouldn’t tell you!” :D
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    Love Island 2022

    I wouldn’t underestimate just how much people hate Luca and it isn’t like Gemma needs the money.
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    AS7 E10: The Kennedy Davenport Center Honors Hall of Shade

    Would have been nice for someone other than Jinkx to have won this week but she fucking BODIED it.
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    What is a song you LOVE by an artist you DISLIKE?

    I’ve been back home in the countryside where I grew up for the last few days, and it has sent me on a bit of a Ed Sheeran - Castle On The Hill moment. Obviously I am not ordinarily a stan of the wonky ginger one but I really think that song is the crowning jewel of his otherwise dreary...
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    Next Tory leader/ UK Prime Minister (2022) Tiny Rishi Sunak vs Liz 'Pork Markets' Truss 🤮👎🚮 ⚠️ 📉 🥩❗️🐍🚩

    I suspected as much re: the culture war stuff. Pleased that even Tories are seeing it for the “LOOK OVER THERE” that it is.
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    Next Tory leader/ UK Prime Minister (2022) Tiny Rishi Sunak vs Liz 'Pork Markets' Truss 🤮👎🚮 ⚠️ 📉 🥩❗️🐍🚩

    100% this. I do think it will come down to a Truss/Sunak ballot for the membership because I can see a lot of Braverman and Badenoch's swivel-eyed supporters switching to Truss if/when they drop out.
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    Next Tory leader/ UK Prime Minister (2022) Tiny Rishi Sunak vs Liz 'Pork Markets' Truss 🤮👎🚮 ⚠️ 📉 🥩❗️🐍🚩

    Jark is getting shit for this but honestly I agree. It doesn’t come across as especially principled (which is and of itself a concern and could cause her to bow to the whims of the party), I don’t think Mordaunt actually believes this stuff in her heart of hearts. On trans rights stuff… between...
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    AS7 E09: Dance Like Drag Queen

    What a fucking terrible idea for a challenge - at least next week’s looks like a hoot. I honestly think Shea was a little bit robbed here. As someone who is wasting too much of what remains of their youth on TikTok, only hers and Monet’s felt like actual potential viral dance trends.
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    This is also technically me although i’ve had my closest brush yet after visiting my friend and her bf in Spain and finding out on the day i’m leaving (also the start of a much-needed full week off which includes a trip to see my parents) that the bf has it. This follows my flatmate testing...
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    Scottish politics thread (including 2021 Holyrood elections and potential IndyRef2)

    Not looking forward to being a Scot in England this time next year and my opinion on Scottish Independence being the default topic of conversation within two minutes of meeting any new English person.
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    Oslo gay bar shooting

    This is my friend Marianne’s bar - she goes there weekly for karaoke. She is devastated and it makes it all the more on the nose for me.
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    Mighty Hoopla 2022

    THIS. I don’t have the will, cash or energy for two days and hate having to choose between them. I’ve already reserved a ticket for the Saturday next year so will be a bit fucked off if the Friday lineup ends up being the better one.
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    Eurovision 2023 News - in the UK!

    I’ll probably have to quarantine myself after the ticket sale if I fail to get tickets … if anyone I know who is a proper casual does manage to bag some then I will almost definitely hastily say something that will accidentally end the friendship.
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