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  • OMG those environments. The Orlesian ball :disco: I cannot wait to play a mage and get gay with Cullen.
    THERE MAY BE. Keep your eyes peeled this summer. I hope you're practicing your choreography as we speak :disco:
    There is no ME1 on PS3, so when you start ME2 with a male Shep Kaiden is automatically dead and you have no say. It's a bit rubbish.
    I think I actually will, but I need to save up and wait for my next playthrough. Is it fantastic? :disco: I'm still waiting for Gayden :evil:
    No, I haven't yet. I did start again with a new game though. I really can't get enough of it.
    Hello Tinu. I am dark but not mystic. The photo is of the lovely Gina Gershon, who is a huge fan of fried chicken, a little known fact.
    Hahaha! Oh Tinu - you make me laugh. You're the fit one out of the two of us. I support you killing me. You saved the lives of those 5 poor people <3 MY HERO <3
    JESUS CHRIST I just scrolled down :o.

    Hi Tiny. Are you Walloonian or Flanderish?
    Oh they didn't say anything, there's a ton of rumors that include drugs, hormones, visits from his husband and buying shoes :D probably will be discussed in the reunion.
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