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  • “I think a hurricane is coming!”
    “Oh, Lisa, there’s no record of a hurricane ever hitting Springfield.”
    “Yes, but the records only go back to 1978 when the hall of records was mysteriously blown away.”

    It would be worth it entirely for Edward áf Sillen :disco:

    Although having to put up with Diamond Dogs on the other hand... :gross:


    (left Diamond Dog REDEFINES gormless :D)

    What a FACE :D

    (this article is an absolute treasure trove of imagery all round though)
    I did not! I've switched contracts so I can't access any texts while I wait for my new phone number to switch over :(
    I swear you're the wisest bitch on Moopy. I'll have to shake off your Anti-Mariah campaign though.
    Well TBH I may well extend it, as pointsgate has really put a few people off I think.

    But if you can get it in by tomorrow that'd be super awesome. :)

    It's worth it, the Croatian entries are amaze (if you're a fan of slightly shrill ethno-ballads)
    I'm hoping to vote, I really need to do this lesson plan though, I've been putting it off for ages. It's a little harder for 1992-2002 as I know hardly any of the songs. I've literally just finished with going back to the 2003 contest!
    Nah SoSoGay is just something I write for on the side.

    If I do end up interviewing her I'll give you a preview of my questions for your approval.

    Would Italy even want her to do Eurovision? She'd have to win San Remo first, and I'm not sure that's likely... :D
    I just looked and seen a bunch of So So Gay people - is that your new employer? Please do tell all down to every last bland detail if it does happen. Ask her about Prince's manager (it was rumoured she married him, but he died, so that could be a bit much), the low down on what went wrong after Come Into My Life (don't just let her vaguely moan about record labels on a general level), and I'd love you to ask about Eurovision, and keep going with that angle if she doesn't say much as some people really do need a good push in terms of career advice, especially by internet gays...

    Now, I'd say I was excited to know she has a UK deal of sorts, but then MB hardly did much with FYML.
    She used to follow me, but then stopped following everyone for a while (she's a born leader, etc). I am launching a campaign to get her to start following me. Brace yourself for lots of lesbian-feminism re-tweets, that should do the trick. She did call me her favourite fan though (so that can be my own heel-spinning retort :D))

    No I most certainly DID NOT :D

    I can't imagine she'll get picked. Even in her prime she never had the lungs for that sort of show.
    SHADDAP. Let me do my research first because I'm so outta the LOOP it almost hurts! :D
    Your inbox is full but YAY. I'm hoping that the UK entry will something along the lines of Piero and the MusicStars, but old-timey and black and white :disco:

    I loved the sheer plagiarism of the first German entry :D. Bill Haley AGOG.
    'Say You'll Be Mine' is about to enter the Classics forum - wield your 10 wisely
    Ooh that is lovely. Not heard that song before either, I did download Blatt's leaked solo album ages ago, was DULL AS.
    Help I think i'm becoming an Amelia Lily fan :(
    I'm probably hideously out of the loop, but I can't really see WHAT has caused it all, aside from her being a little bit unhinged. Of all the people to be obsessed with though, I'm sure she's the only person to have HIM atop her list.
    Oh I LOVE Log Lady, she's just the right side of CRAZY. My favourite thing is the reveal of who killed Laura though, it's so spectacularly absurd.

    Oh I remember seeing her in an episode of Midsomer Murders where she played an ex spy who got killed (but was herself a murderer) and she was quite likeable in that.
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