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  • He has NOT, he probably didn't want to risk a nasty remark about his IDOL and CLOSE PERSONAL FRIEND Naimh.
    I've only given it a single spin outside the singles. I don't have anything like the connection most Moopers to do to them, be it in or out of the band.

    I like pretty much everything on Passion, but it lacks the big highs of the previous 2 albums. Sadly they are single only affairs for me - I can't have TOO MUCH Geri insanity at one time.
    Albums wise, she's by far the best SOLO SPICE*. Singles wise it's good old Geru though.

    (* I guess if lesbian (non) chic is your THING Mel C might be, but it isn't mine)
    The good done by Lynda Woodruff just CANNOT BE UNDERESTIMATED.
    How long does the walk take?

    No I didn't get a shag as he's one of those Italian lady killers but I totally would if he offered himself. It was just nice to show someone somewhere so nice and I was pretty surprised myself :D
    LOL Yes I wasn't expecting a bustling GAY SCENE.

    I know this guy who is from Italy who has been in Carlisle for 6 months and never really seen anywhere else and he was off this week so he asked if I'd show him the Lake Discrict. We went to Keswick and then as the sun came out we thought we'd stop at Pooley Bridge. It was so nice as you said. I was quite taken back by how nice it was. We walked by the lake a little bit (we got to a field that was just the largest congregation of sheep ever) and it was just so lovely. Do you swim there? The water was surprisingly warm.

    Is your cat not your best friend.
    I went to Pooley Bridge for the first time in my life yesterday :o For somewhere that's about 30 minutes away I really should visit more often. It's absolutely gorgeous (I've always been fan of Ullswater though). Which campsite did you get up to and what activities were on the table?
    OMG that Shirley Clamp countdown has to go on my to-do list :D *listens to first song* *not keen* *skips rest*

    I think English is seen as being quite COOL in east Asia. I'm quite pleased they drop in those English phrases, as certain ones such as 'OMIGOD :o' and 'WOW... FANTASTIC BABY' have now entered my everyday lexicon.

    And as IF anything was going to PRY you away from Schlager! I really hope Asianvision happens, I can be to Korea how you are with Sweden (ie widely IGNORED by all :D).
    So you don't like the LOWEST placing song, the one I SPECIFICALLY SAID was there to show how the music USED to be, and you've given up? :angry: Imagine if I did that with Eurovision! *Hears Euro Neuro* *QUITS*

    I'll settle for TOP 6 (6 is gay-coma inducing) + number 22, just to see if you also get the Eurovision vibe. I seriously don't get the melody thing, though. 1 song aside, they're actually pretty good. I wouldn't have got into so quickly and easily if there wasn't some strong melody to grasp onto.
    I've notice you STUDIOUSLY avoiding my kpop thread. This shall be remembered the next time you try and push some old Swedish whore on me :evil:
    I'm still LIVID about his truce with Sara Fucking Varga.

    Marie Lindberg was standing directly behind us though, so I couldn't pass up the opportunity to be photographed with one of my ultimate hate figures of all time.

    That was the whole point! I wanted in on the action after MBK posed with SARA FUCKING VARGA recently. Nothing will top the picture of me pulling a confused spaz face with SUZZIE TAPPER though.
    :D Well it takes DEDICATION. I'm sure you know what an ORDEAL getting through those Irish/Lithuanian/Turkish entries is. I need FULL focus.
    No :zombie:. I'm giving myself the Olympics as a break. 2001 took a lot out of me and I need to recuperate. I still really want to get up to 2010 by next eurovision though.

    *mid-November breakdown*
    i was just putting my jammies on and you came into my head and i couldn't help but feel that i actually love you. never leave my side.
    IKR :(. I'm just going to stay in Eurovision forum now, snarling and throwing shit at anyone OUTSIDER who enters.
    I feel a little bit sad that I now have a face to put to Shirley Clamp's name. She's always existed as more of a CONCEPT than an actual person for me.
    Sorb was already ahead you BITCH, as I CALLED from the start. Now I at least can say 'I would have won if...'. It was all my plan.

    And who the HELL are THEY?
    No I WAS there that weekend but we'd gone to a OGAE Sweden party on the Saturday night - I was in Paradise on Friday night though, which was one of the BEST nights of my LIFE! I probably walked past you wearing my Loreen T-Shirt! I danced with RB and MilkyBarKid at one point too!

    I did hear about Sandra's speech though. What a MOMENT OF LIFE! I'd totally do Jag Tar Det Jag Vill Ha if we ever do a MF singing contest :-)
    HAHA! She is really SOMETHING ELSE. It was either her or a pic of Sandra Dahlberg when she comes 5th in her MF semi... :-)
    Thanks for the welcome! Enjoying myself so far, let's see how long it takes before I piss someone off ;-)
    Oh no, I'm only just readying myself for the course of painkillers after having a crack at Suus :(
    My intentions were not to upset VoR with any statements that were published or taken out of context. I have all the respect in the world for him and I am not running on an anti-VoR ticket.
    Oh yes that's another favourite of mine! Marge is easily my favourite character - LOVE HER!
    That is TOO MUCH :disco: Alcazar are one I know next to nothing about (Crying At The Discotheque aside), but if there's more where THAT came from I'll have to have a closer look :o
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