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  • Oh I really like it and is probably a bit of a grower too! I put it as my 4th fave before Le Kid which is missing something for me...
    Yeah it is, though you might like it as I rembered you sayintg how much you liked "Jog of life" it's got simalar very poppy/folky feel to it.
    VOR I think this may appeal to you. PLEASE LISTEN just pretend she's singing in swedish if it helps

    oh God no
    why would i ignore you lol??
    I moved back to London on Friday, and I started teaching again today so I haven't stopped
    i'm sorry
    and re: your ORIGINAL question, it's that: i really want to, but they've got me teaching now 5 days a week for 4 weeks, so unless it's in the evening...?
    i'm sorry about this
    HI VOR

    RE tomorrow, I would have loved to come and say hi but there are a few obstacles in my way. They are, in no particular order:

    a. THE SNOW. This morning I left my house at 9:45am. Do you know what time I got to work? 12.30. I know it is karma going HA HA MOONBABY for being so cruel about my colleagues and their pithy excuses yesterday, but I can't guarantee karma will have got over it by tomorrow.
    b. It is my dad's birthday today and I think we are celebrating tomorrow in the form of lunch somewhere in Suffolk
    c. Suomi will be there and he is public enemy #3 (after Neil and Mo) at this moment in time

    Regardless, I hope you have a nice time. Punch Seb for me, fanx darlin x
    You aren't all going to LAY INTO me when I don't agree are you? You ESC loons are horrible :(
    Sorry VoR, I think I only voted in the first round, I've not really been in the mood. Lene + rain this week was just too traumatic a combination.

    I'll remedy things now.
    I realise that! I was just PLAYING ALONG!

    But you did still make an offensive comment to all lambs.
    Hiya! If you get a chance, could you please vote in the Bucks Fizz singles rate in the gayers forum? Thanks!!
    I decided I wouldn't reply after my 'game over' or whatever comment it was last night, if she replied. I got a notification earlier today that she had replied but decided I wouldn't bother checking it out. So I've no idea how it's escalated, and don't think I DO want to know, really :D
    No, I'm not. I thought it was another shot of Des'ree at first.

    Why's Diane so iconic to you?
    Mr VoR

    I am in New York that week - I'm not some HIGH FLYER or owt, it's just when my holidays are.

    To be honest, August and September are really bad with work related stuff and THREE weddings I have to attend.

    I have to applaud you for having the enthusiasm to organise one of these things, it always attracts a sea of haters (who aren't even thinking of attending ANYWAY) but WELL DONE.
    You know, I can't recall ever hearing the full song in English. Still disgusted it was a UK #1.

    The only thing WORSE than Pink is a Pink tribute act.
    I live in Glasgow and we also suffer from a crippling lack of anywhere with a semblence of dignity to go to. Don't that we're out MUCH these days anyway.
    I just seem to have happened across Leeds a few times now. My mate was doing a work placement at your top MENTAL HOSPITAL and we came for the weekend to keep her company. The other was en route to Alton Towers.

    Not that any of that matters if you will be flying the nest soon!
    I've been to Leeds twice now. The first time we went to some club night in the Cockpit and the other to the Faversham. The gay venues looked like they left a LOT to be desired. Is this so? Although I did like the Birdcage/All night Greggs/Bus shelter combination. That's your night sorted.
    VoR you're without a doubt the poster with the best musical taste here (in my opinion).

    <3 :horny:
    I only just caught up with it.

    What a joy to see those wankers on the hitchhikers team fail.
    None at all - I'll either be revising, up north, or moving house. Or a combination of the three.
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