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    Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard

    If my husband suddenly wanted a divorce, I would get Gloria Allred to represent me. She would probably get Amber Heard’s lawyer.
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    Tennis 2022

    So anyone watching the French Open? Angie Kerber’s fanclub is the highlight for me so far;
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    Eurovision 2022: THE FINAL (20:00 BST)

    Is there seriously not going to be a performance by Sabrina Salerno? :square:
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    Eurovision 2022: THE FINAL (20:00 BST)

    I decided to vote for Iceland this year.
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    Where will the UK finish this Saturday?

    I really like the song, he’s giving Paradise Oskar.
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    Britney’s “mysterious book” finally in works

    This is brilliant news — for Jamie Lynn. Now she can write another book to adress all the lies in Britney’s book. She’s probably already working on it.
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    Dead to Me (Netflix)

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    Robyn feat. Mapei & Dev Hynes - Buffalo Stance

    If only she would have done this album, say, ten years ago.
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    What are you gaming? 2022

    Age of Empires II — 25 years and still hooked.
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    Mariah x Latto ft. DJ Khaled - Big Energy Remix

    Darlings, I failed so hard with this remix. I tried to like it but it just makes me want to hear the real ”Fantasy”. :(
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    Would you go on a cruise?

    Good well be. I Googled snuff and it looks very similar at least. Snus is usually placed under the top lip and not chewn.
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    Would you go on a cruise?

    I’ve been to many a cruise to Stockholm and Tallinn — it’s very popular here. Like RaspberrySwirl mentioned, people go there to get shit-faced (ping @Martha Skidd ) and to buy snus and cheap liquor and to cheat on their husbands. Also both Tallinn and Stockholm are great cities for a visit.
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