Another Round (Druk)

Danmark ødelægger alle!

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Take it or leave it
Feb 3, 2004
The Cinema
FINALLY an Oscar film this year that didn't make me want to jump off a bridge!

This is a Danish movie nominated for Best Director and Best Foreign Film - but it should have been in Best Picture and Best Actor for Mads Mikkelsen too.

I really appreciated how even-handed this was. It wasn't all 'alcohol = bad', but it didn't shy away from the darker places it can take a person to as well. And while it definitely had a melancholy feel, there was some really hilarious stuff in the middle, and I found the ending really life-affirming and fun, even if it was (deliberately) ambiguous in terms of how I think it wanted you to feel.

Strong recommend.


I am not a liar ;)
Apr 9, 2005
I liked this but as someone who comes from a place without a drinking culture, I couldn’t help but be annoyed with them approaching their problems with “let’s try alcoholism to solve our ennui....and then oopsie that got out of hand”

I was especially galled

the one guy gets the kid with nerves buzzed so he can pass his test. Like that kid is screwed

I just don’t enjoy sloppy drunkenness so it’s not exactly the movie for me.
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Dec 31, 2007
I haven't seen it yet :o but I'm glad to hear that Vinterberg has returned to making decent films (The Hunt was good too though)

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