AS6 E07 - Show Up Queen


Aug 29, 2018
Anyone else have an irrational hatred of Eureka’s giant bow tie?


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Feb 5, 2004
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Pfff well I feel like I was defending Jan this season more than actually supporting her, it was sort of inevitable (mind you, if Blair St Clair could go top 4 last time, anusthing is possible).
On the walkthroughs I saw Ru giving people like TKB lyrics adjustments - did she just not talk to Jan then? :D

And the Jan Haters are too much. Kylie says "Self love is important", bravo. Jan says she loves herself, then she's a deluded monster :D

I wish it had just been a double elimination really, considering what a dead weight Pandora is. Just think, if they'd had Snatch Game earlier she could've already gone! Yes she's shy and not a natural dancer, but she was doing alright 11 years ago on her season, and ... well she was in All Stars 1 too :eyes: when IS she supposed to get it together? She talked a lot about how she learned how to like herself, but I didn't see any evidence. I almost thought she was going to be a surprise safe after she was cropped out of almost every wide shot of choreo :D

TKB, still find her very spiky and unlikeable. If it's between her and Minj for the crown, I'm not really here for it. Hopefully Ra'Jah is going to sweep to victory.

I can't understand the idea that TKB's choice for elimination wasn't tactical though, and she's done it before! I hate how they pretend it's not.

1. Ra'Jah
2. Kylie
3. Eureka
4. Ginger
5. TKB
6. Pandora

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