Girls Aloud - Not Tonight Santa

I'll let you peep inside my stocking if you show me yours

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rebel heart
Jul 27, 2011

This rocks with an uncompromising Xenomania force that cemented GA's slick pop supremacism and surely should have been a double A-side with the dreadful See The Day. Barely catching our collective breath after Biology, they were running rings around everybody once again. It's a largely unacknowledged gem that absorbs all the classics and adds their own festive flurry and bombastic pop junkie flair. I still hope it can somehow catch on outside the fanbase and become another overplayed staple clogging the charts alongside Mariah and all the other ghosts of Christmas past, but am more likely to get Kimba's Christmas pasta instead, or perhaps that it's not is what keeps it illuminated some 15 years later.

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