San Marino 2021: Senhit feat FLO RIDA - Adrenalina


So throw the beauty on the fire
Jan 17, 2008
Between war and denial
There are 2 questions they need answering as far as I’m concerned that are creating the INTRIGUE.

Why are Panini S.p.a funding Senhit’s music career that has most likely seen ZERO return on their investment in 17 years.

Who are the Baroni family, what is their relationship to Senhit and WHY are they so ELUSIVE?!?

I’m not sure what we’re going to find at the bottom of this barrel, but it sure smells ROTTEN to me.
When you Google 'Senhit Panini', as I often do, this post is on the first page of results. I hope the Baroni family do not run this search or @Lucille may conveniently disappear

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