Sex Party in Brussels involving MEPs

Gangsta Nancy Lam

Slut's Spaghetti
Jun 6, 2012
I always wonder this too! Especially if they're into anonymous and group hookups, why aren't there more people gossiping away on Twitter? You can't capture them ALL with NDA's surely?

I guess if they're not sending pictures of their face, it's hard to back up claims with evidence. Like, there's a million accounts online of a certain star of GREASE cruising and courting sex workers, but the papers aren't going to print unverified claims even if everyone knows they're true.

And so Olivia Newton-John continues to be a menace in men's rooms across the world.


Jun 15, 2009
That bearded Hungarian MEP is giving me major DADDY vibes, maybe I should post him in the "People you fancy despite your better judgment" thread!

Oh good NOT JUST ME.

@Zu-Klara perhaps as well?

I think we can assume so.

:D Well OBVIOUSLY. I’m deliberately dropping the soap as I post

I thought I‘d probably be mentioned once I saw who was involved. As you know I don’t do children or TEENS so right wing nasties are the sole remaining guilty pleasure option available CHEZ ZU

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