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  • sonuds like you finger's on the booking button for the next flight to Berlin!
    :D omg this is FREAKY! Of all forums to run into another one of me this is the last place I'd expect LOL.
    Have you posted your pic yet?
    I'm talking about Jark of course! You clearly want a piece of Mats then. You ever met?
    That's not a dig at you! I'm saying that there are a lot of boys on moopy who act like they're constantly gagging for ANYTHING and I'm not one of them.

    Hehe at you admitting you are a sexual predator :D I've got a rep for that on moopy. Unjustified, I might add! All the boys I've had from moopy have been well up for it ;) People forget that one of the boys I snogged was Mats - I think he can handle himself!
    Pft as IF. Have a read of the post a picture of your arse thread - now THAT'S filled with desperation.
    If only you could read it! It contains the words "s*x" and "c*nd*ms" and not much else.
    I'd dedicate you a Swedish Eurovision lyric instead of Scott Fitzgerald, but I'm not sure if you're a Carola or a Lena person. So I'll give you KIKKI :disco:

    Where have you been?
    I know that you existed, before I got to see you
    Of course there where others in my life
    But no one could offer me more than pastime
    Oh, I AM pleased about that, I'd been rather :confused: on whether it was in jest or if you really were a foul drama queen CUNT. I remember a few Mooprate editions ago I gave the likes of RobotBoy and Pipo (who I'd never exchanged a WORD with at that point either) a zero and they threw their toys out of the pram as well, which made me start paying attention to their posts and liking what I see. I'll try to do the same with you then!
    I'm sorry. It's completely my own fault that the ONLY thing that made me ring a bell is that your username is a Tori Amos song title, despite you registering in October 2004. *puts an end to sad sorry existence*
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