Moopy's Big Brother Rate - Part 2 (Channel 5 Era)


Jan 18, 2016
Welcome to the second part of Moopy's Rate of the Big Brother contestants. :beer:

Over 327 people have competed in the civilian version of Big Brother UK. It is now Moopy's time to select our ultimate Big Brother champion from this band of characters!

Here's how it will work: there will be 3 parts to voting. Part 1 is dedicated to the contestants from the Davina era of Big Brother. Part 2 is dedicated to the contestants of the [-]Brian[/-] Emma era of Big Brother. From these first two parts, we will narrow the field down to 70 contestants, where in the Part 3, the final part, a winner will be chosen.

So let's meet the second set of housemates past:

Big Brother 12
BB12 Aaron Allard-Morgan
BB12 Jay McKray
BB12 Alex Lee
BB12 Louise Cliffe
BB12 Tom O'Connell
BB12 Faye Palmer
BB12 Harry Blake
BB12 Jem Palmer
BB12 Anton Murphy
BB12 Aden Theobald
BB12 Maisy James
BB12 Mark Henderson
BB12 Heaven Afrika
BB12 Rebeckah Vaughan
BB12 Tashie Jackson

Big Brother 13
BB13 Luke Anderson
BB13 Adam Kelly
BB13 Deana Uppal
BB13 Sara McLean
BB13 Luke Scrase
BB13 Ashleigh Hughes
BB13 Scott Mason
BB13 Conor McIntyre
BB13 Becky Hannon
BB13 Caroline Wharram
BB13 Lauren Carre
BB13 Shievonne Robinson
BB13 Arron Lowe
BB13 Lydia Louisa
BB13 Benedict Garrett
BB13 Chris James
BB13 Victoria Eisermann

Big Brother 14
BB14 Sam Evans
BB14 Dexter Koh
BB14 Gina Rio
BB14 Jack and Joe Glenny
BB14 Charlie Travers
BB14 Sophie Lawrence
BB14 Hazel O'Sullivan
BB14 Callum Knell
BB14 Dan Neal
BB14 Jackie Travers
BB14 Daley Ojuederie
BB14 Wolfy Millington
BB14 Jemima Slade
BB14 Sallie Axl

Big Brother 15
BB15 Helen Wood
BB15 Ashleigh Coyle
BB15 Christopher Hall
BB15 Ash Harrison
BB15 Chris Wright
BB15 Pavandeep "Pav" Paul
BB15 Winston Showan
BB15 Mark Byron
BB15 Zoe Birkett
BB15 Steven Goode
BB15 Kimberly Kisselovich
BB15 Danielle McMahon
BB15 Biannca Lake
BB15 Marlon Wallen
BB15 Jale Karaturp
BB15 Matthew Davies
BB15 Toya Washington
BB15 Pauline Bennett
BB15 Tamara Stewart-Wood

Big Brother 16
BB16 Chloe Wilburn
BB16 Joel Williams
BB16 Danny Wisker
BB16 Jack McDermott
BB16 Nick Henderson
BB16 Cristian (Matthew Clarkson) MJC
BB16 Sam Kay
BB16 Harry Amelia Martin
BB16 Marc O'Neill
BB16 Simon Gross
BB16 Jade Lynch
BB16 Eileen Daly
BB16 Sarah Greenwood
BB16 Kieran McLeod
BB16 Harriet Jackson
BB16 Amy and Sally Broadbent
BB16 Aaron Frew
BB16 Adjoa Mensah

Big Brother 17
BB17 Jason Burrill
BB17 Hughie Maughan
BB17 Jackson Blyton
BB17 Andy West
BB17 Evelyn Ellis
BB17 Jayne Connery
BB17 Sam Giffen
BB17 Alex Cannon
BB17 Laura Carter
BB17 Ryan Ruckledge
BB17 Lateysha Grace
BB17 Chelsea Singh
BB17 Charlie Doherty
BB17 Emma Jensen
BB17 Georgina Cantwell
BB17 Natalie Rowe
BB17 Marco White
BB17 Andrew Tate
BB17 Victoria Jensen

Big Brother 18
BB18 Isabelle Warburton
BB18 Raph Korine
BB18 Deborah Agboola
BB18 Tom Barber
BB18 Andrew Cruickshanks
BB18 Kieran Lee
BB18 Hannah Agboola
BB18 Charlotte Keys
BB18 Ellie Young
BB18 Chanelle McCleary
BB18 Sam Chaloner
BB18 Sue Evans
BB18 Simone Reed
BB18 Joe Quaranta
BB18 Savannah O'Reilly
BB18 Lotan Carter
BB18 Rebecca Jane
BB18 Kayleigh Morris
BB18 Sukhvinder Javeed
BB18 Imran Javeed
BB18 Arthur Fulford
BB18 Mandy Longworth

Big Brother 19
BB19 Cameron Cole
BB19 Akeem Griffiths
BB19 Zoe Jones
BB19 Cian Carrigan
BB19 Sîan Hamshaw
BB19 Brooke Berry
BB19 Tomasz Wania
BB19 Lewis Flanagan
BB19 Isabella Farnese
BB19 Hussain Ahmed
BB19 Kenaley Amos-Sissons
BB19 Isaac Jagroop
BB19 Kay Lovelle
BB19 Lewis Gregory
BB19 Anamélia Silva
BB19 Ellis Hillon

Simply score each contestant from 0 to 10. You are allowed to award one 11 and -1 per season as well. Ratings to be done in the thread.

You don't have to rank all the seasons, any scores submitted will be counted towards the final tally.

From this group, the top 33 will move on to the next stage. The winner of each season in our rankings will move on (the first 8 spaces) to the Final, in addition to the remaining 25 places being award to the next highest scoring contestants (regardless of season).

Deadline to vote: Sunday, July 12th: 19:30 BST.
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I feel GREAT!
Apr 8, 2010
Tempted to give ?? to everyone except Gina Rio (who gets an 11 of course) :tongueout:


Party dude
Jul 27, 2014
The Land of Broken Dreams
Big Brother 12
05 Aaron Allard-Morgan
04 Jay McKray
07 Alex Lee
09 Louise Cliffe
04 Tom O'Connell
10 Faye Palmer
03 Harry Blake
09 Jem Palmer
05 Anton Murphy
07 Aden Theobald
05 Maisy James
03 Mark Henderson
07 Heaven Afrika
06 Rebeckah Vaughan
04 Tashie Jackson

Big Brother 13
09 Luke Anderson
08 Adam Kelly
11 Deana Uppal
10 Sara McLean
07 Luke Scrase
06 Ashleigh Hughes
05 Scott Mason
-1 Conor McIntyre
09 Becky Hannon
09 Caroline Wharram
05 Lauren Carre
06 Shievonne Robinson
02 Arron Lowe
08 Lydia Louisa
08 Benedict Garrett
04 Chris James
04 Victoria Eisermann

Big Brother 14
07 Sam Evans
08 Dexter Koh
09 Gina Rio
-1 Jack and Joe Glenny (Absolutely my least favourite contestants of all time. I hope they're both dead)
04 Charlie Travers
03 Sophie Lawrence
10 Hazel O'Sullivan
01 Callum Knell
02 Dan Neal
02 Jackie Travers
01 Daley Ojuederie
09 Wolfy Millington
04 Jemima Slade
11 Sallie Axl

Big Brother 15
08 Helen Wood
11 Ashleigh Coyle
05 Christopher Hall
06 Ash Harrison
06 Chris Wright
07 Pavandeep "Pav" Paul
04 Winston Showan
04 Mark Byron
05 Zoe Birkett
03 Steven Goode
05 Kimberly Kisselovich
07 Danielle McMahon
04 Biannca Lake
05 Marlon Wallen
05 Jale Karaturp
05 Matthew Davies
07 Toya Washington
09 Pauline Bennett
08 Tamara Stewart-Wood

Big Brother 16
06 Chloe Wilburn
04 Joel Williams
01 Danny Wisker
-1 Jack McDermott
04 Nick Henderson
03 Cristian (Matthew Clarkson) MJC
05 Sam Kay
07 Harry Amelia Martin
01 Marc O'Neill
03 Simon Gross
05 Jade Lynch
05 Eileen Daly
10 Sarah Greenwood
06 Kieran McLeod
08 Harriet Jackson
10 Amy and Sally Broadbent
03 Aaron Frew
11 Adjoa Mensah

Big Brother 17
05 Jason Burrill
07 Hughie Maughan
09 Jackson Blyton
07 Andy West
08 Evelyn Ellis
09 Jayne Connery
06 Sam Giffen
04 Alex Cannon
08 Laura Carter
08 Ryan Ruckledge
07 Lateysha Grace
02 Chelsea Singh
06 Charlie Doherty
02 Emma Jensen
05 Georgina Cantwell
05 Natalie Rowe
-1 Marco White
02 Andrew Tate
02 Victoria Jensen

Big Brother 18
11 Isabelle Warburton
08 Raph Korine
09 Deborah Agboola
03 Tom Barber
04 Andrew Cruickshanks
05 Kieran Lee
09 Hannah Agboola
08 Charlotte Keys
06 Ellie Young
10 Chanelle McCleary
07 Sam Chaloner
06 Sue Evans
06 Simone Reed
02 Joe Quaranta
07 Savannah O'Reilly
-1 Lotan Carter
08 Rebecca Jane
07 Kayleigh Morris
10 Sukhvinder Javeed
09 Imran Javeed
01 Arthur Fulford
03 Mandy Longworth

Big Brother 19
04 Cameron Cole
11 Akeem Griffiths
10 Zoe Jones
06 Cian Carrigan
08 Sîan Hamshaw
08 Brooke Berry
10 Tomasz Wania
10 Lewis Flanagan
07 Isabella Farnese
08 Hussain Ahmed
08 Kenaley Amos-Sissons
04 Isaac Jagroop
07 Kay Lovelle
-1 Lewis Gregory
08 Anamélia Silva
04 Ellis Hillon


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Apr 1, 2020
You also got the good Lewis from that series, if that's a consolation?

I share my name with a winner, which is nice. Also with one of my favourites from 2008.
Ah yes wasn’t he the FAVOURITE up until he got randomly BOOTED OUT THE BACK DOOR for some mysterious reason.


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Apr 1, 2020
I think it was shacking up with Bex that did him in. Bex went on to greater fame in 2016 when she performed 'Made of Stars' for Israel at Eurovision.
What who was BEX? :D

I’m a bit LOST my love


Party dude
Jul 27, 2014
The Land of Broken Dreams
What who was BEX? :D

I’m a bit LOST my love

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