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  • I see you're watching Twin Peaks - jolly good - S2 is CRAZY (but also brilliant).

    Oh and I've kind of stalled with Six Feet Under in the middle of S2 (not because it isn't good, I just got lazy), Alice Krige popping up as that bitch Alma has been good value.
    "Ballet? Woo-hoo!"
    "You like ballet?"
    "Marjorie please! I enjoy all the meats of our cultural stew"

    I have half-followed Marit's career (Marion was my first hope for a decent solo album given it was mostly written with Max Martin and Rami) and I love some of her songs, but I've never truly taken the time to invest properly. I may rectify this.

    And quite frankly when, as a group, you've released the best song of the decade ('00 - '09) there's really no way but down
    That I agree with, it's just a shame that despite jumping on a bandwagon of what was being played on the radio and what was selling, it did NEITHER :D
    Really? It's not a dreadful album but it's far too MOR compared to the debut which is brimming with lovely little bubblegum pop hooks in my opinion
    I'm almost done S1 now, Episode 12 was so tense, the scene when Billy breaks into Brenda's house and also David's coming out, which was handled very well, even if the final scene was a bit obvious/annoying.
    Also, she's only just turned 32! Here's hoping for her to stick around forever and become the OLD DAME of Parliament.
    I've been at the Rotherham by-election for the last week and she was one of the MPs in charge of the campaigns there. THOROUGHLY lovely and :disco:. I need her to take off with SEVERE URGENCY (if only because there is a gold mine of facial expressions and hilarious pictures to be doubtless generated if she does. SHABANA 4 PORTILLO)
    Do you know of MP SHABANA MAHMOOD? Because if not JUMP ON BOARD, I have no doubt she'll prove a far more worthy subject of your upcoming thesis on :disco: female Labour MPs than Diane Abbott in the coming decades.

    She does a FINE LINE in facial expressions also (I just can't find many online as there isn't as much source material as there has been for the last thirty years with L'ABBOTT)


    It sounds familiar to me but I'm not really feeling great at the moment. I could maybe have a look tomorrow.
    VoR, have you seen that there exists a Cascada Christmas album? I was incredibly excited but they've gone down the Steps route of being mostly boring and ballady, albeit with a few more noted festive standards on there...
    I'm probably being too harsh, but the sight of her teeny little legs and (admittedly much less fat) body on top looked a bit ridiculous to me.
    I thought you'd like to know I've started Six Feet Under. Ruth's reaction to finding out her husband is dead is AMAZING :D
    SURELY the title isn't derived from the "mickey" incident?! It's made me want it even more now!
    I seem to recall discussing it recently, so it must have been with you. That's on THE LIST too, I might bump it up to near the top. I do like being able to discuss stuff I watch with people, that's one of the good things about Frasier.
    Oh no I fully expect I'll love it, I've just been so engrossed with Frasier (even the less good ones). I'll be finished this week so I have no excuse then.
    Oh I'm not sure they'd be able to turn it into a DH style affair even if they wanted to. S2 has it's very own UBER DRAMATIC AND NOT AT ALL RIDICULOUS AND IMPLAUSIBLE subplot anyway, so they can dine out on that for now. This is a spoiler, but won't mean/ruin anything, it features the best and most unrealistic fall off a balcony since the final episode of Dynasty.

    Oh yeah GoT is amazing too, the final 2 episodes of S2 were just so so good. The CGI battle scene looked amazing, they spent more money on it than the rest of the series (CGI wise) apparently.

    No :D I won't even try and give you a date. I WILL and I will inform you of my thoughts when I do (you may be on your deathbed, so I'll make sure and recite them nice and loud)
    I intend on watching Mad Men at some point, but I'll probably wait until it's over (even if that'll probably be another 2/3 years).

    I've always found The Wire to be quite overrated, I only managed 3 episode. It gets a lot better apparently, but I just didn't enjoy it at all so don't really see like it'll be worth the effort at all. In fact an awful lot of ridiculously hyped shows often far from live up to their reputations I find. Then again, I do LOVE my fair share of UTTER TRASH (OH HAI REVENGE). You'll have a while to wait for that by the way, S3 is all but guaranteed and then so will a 4th season (for syndication) so another 3 years. I can't wait to see what Madeleine Stowe looks like by then :disco:
    It is a procedural in name only at this point, yes it features a 'case of the week', but they are always worked into the story and there's about 3 big, and very interesting, arcs going on at a time. That's probably a TERRIBLE sales pitch, but there's a reason it gets to much critical love, it's very good. Oh my, I love that scene so much (predictably), it's the bit where she walks through the door and starts up again that gets me every time. She gets ever more fabulous as it goes on, I think they KNOW people are waiting for her one liners, like Dame Maggie in Downton. I cannot recommend it highly enough though, totally aside from Baranski no less!

    What US shows are you actually watching, is it just Modern Family?
    I managed to watch and love it despite my all consuming HATRED for Rose Byrne. I gave up once the BBC started showing it at 3am or whatever it was, then they didn't even bother with the last 2 seasons. The only time Ive ever done that (obviously before my new found love of marathoning everything under the sun) was with The Good Wife S2. I watched episode 18 on More4 and it was so incredible I just HAD to watch the final 5 that night online. I don't suppose you've ever watched?
    Oh I really liked her, it was obvious they would have sex eventually, but the way it happened was very clever. It was obvious with Julia too, but handled really badly, they just sort of made her into his girlfriend in the last episode. Very odd. I don't think I've seen any S11 before now, so I'm very much looking forward to it.

    I think I'm going to finish off (and indeed rewatch S1/2) of Damages next. I know I love it anyway, it's just been so long since I watched those 2 seasons I barely remember half of it.

    I am now on S11, having just watched episode 3 (the one with Sir Patrick), I have a new favourite episode :disco:

    It's safe to say it did nosedive in quality with S8, but S9 is my least favourite overall. It's not bad, in fact it's still rather amusing, but far less funny than it was in earlier seasons and a lot of the jokes missed the mark. S10 was an improvement, but the whole Julia/Roz thing was MONUMENTALLY MISGUIDED. I love the SUEDEY U-TURN at the start of S11 when in the space of 30 seconds Roz quits her new job and rocks up at KACL again like nothing has happened. Then in episode 2, after having spent all S10 making her likeable, they take 5 minutes to RUIN Julia again :D
    Ooooh, no I do not follow them! Thanks for the tip!

    "Hey they're playing the elephant song again!"
    "I love that... reminds me of elephants".
    Gone brunette, still doing x factor. Nothing on her own artistic front though I'm afraid. :(

    Mind, her last album sunk without a trace after entering in the Top10 unless I'm mistaken.
    Oh they came very close to it in S7 (when they went to the radio presenters thing at the cabin) which I quite liked actually. But they didn't do it which felt RIGHT too I guess. Well, I have that to look forward to. I read that the Niles/Daphne thing is the biggest stumbling block with it though, but we shall see. It's managed 7 AMAZING seasons thus far which is more than most others shows, let alone sitcoms, so I'm happy enough.
    Oh I do quite like her mother, she's so utterly ridiculous that I can't help be won over by her. The rest I could do without. I've heard S8-10 are really quite poor compared with what has come before though so I'm not expecting as much from the next 60 or so episodes.
    I watched that one just the other day! It was brilliant, Season 7 is by far the best, I love the gradual build up to the final episodes. Of course it did bring in worst character EVER Simon, but that's a hell only inflicted on a few episodes thankfully.
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