Eurovision 2021: The Rehearsals


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Jul 21, 2009
The other thing - now we've got record company involvement, I don't really know what's holding them back from sending something that's been a UK hit in the November-February period which they might want to juice for the European market.

That fucking sea shanty song was every single Youtube advert for a solid two months at the beginning of this year. Are they really telling me they've got a profound amount of professional pride in whether something like that comes 1st, 5th or 15th (are you telling me a hit is likely on the verge of coming bottom five every time if they follow that route?) in a song contest if they end up with another 50 million streams in Europe at the end of it all?


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Jun 11, 2010
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Well the Big 5 were established because they complained about not making it to the finals on occasion when the semi-finals were introduced - they basically said that they should get a pass because they underwrite the costs, no? It doesn't really have anything to do with the country's abilities to send a great act. It's all about who pays the most. I remember the debate in Germany when "Blauer Planet" didn't qualify - it was matter of "if you won't let us be in the finals, we won't pay anymore".
I know that! I'm just saying the competition is different these days. At least it seems it to the audience.


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Oct 14, 2009
Italy is not going to win.
Beating you all to it. Can’t exactly be smug about the things I got right (judging by my Betfair account, SHOCKINGLY little this year) if I don’t acknowledge this. Oh dear. :)

Generally happy with the winner though and didn’t think I would be.
May 9, 2014
I honestly think we are in with a good chance of NUL POINTS this year. I can't see many/any juries ranking it in their top 10 with so many other far more impressive vocalists and performances on the table. We might get a lucky PITY POINT if Malta or Ireland have some sort of bizarre sympathy towards us but I really can't see much more than that at best.
The televote - which country's population are going to rank this as one of the 10 best performances of the night out of the 20+ songs on offer..?
From the rehearsal footage he looks like a sack of flour encased in a LEATHER TUBE, I say sack of flour as they are GENERALLY rather immobile unless overran with a mouse infestation, and poor JN's stage presence is giving me LACK OF LIFE, CHARISMA and general lack of want to be there - which is probably how a sack of flour feels before being made into a cake.
I actually find the song, cheap, tinny and offensive too. It sounds like the rights-free music YOUTUBERS use to soundtrack their montages of different restaurants they visited in Morocco.

I'd honestly rather the UK didn't compete AT ALL than we send this. It's just completely, utterly and entirely embarrassing on all levels. We have the conversation every year about what the UK/BBC should do next, and it gets to a point where you just have to pull the plug completely. I'm sure most of Europe massively RESENT us getting an automatic pass to the final, and I'm sure there will several NQ's next week that would be far more deserving of a finals place on Saturday night than we will be.

They only realistic approach I think could possibly work is using BBC Introducing each year to find a complete unknown with a self-penned song to represent us. Might be absolutely rubbish, but we might also stumble across some gold that feels organic. WHO KNOWS!



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Jan 2, 2009
Listen Cicciolino, another tv channel (not RTVE) just got the rights to broadcast next year the Eesti Laul. On tv. In Spain! When you get that in UK I'll apologise for everything. x

They're going to broadcast the Finish preselection too :o (well, the Final). I don't know how this happened, but having these preselections on tv is unreal.


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